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Hero image of the Bilingual Nursery in London, LJD Nursery

Each child is considered to be individual and our philosophy and ethos are heavily reliant on encouraging our little ones to become independent learners.

Our loving and nurturing staff that take great care of the children in our home-like yet educational environment.

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The #1 Bilingual Nursery in London

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My child has been attending this nursery for a few months now and we couldn't be happier. The people running this nursery genuinely care about the children, and it shows. They provide a wide range of activities and plenty of outdoor play. The facility has a large fenced in yard, perfect for the children to run around.


The carers are all native French speakers, which is perfect because we are raising our children bilingual.

I highly recommend Jardin des Dyvrande to anyone. We will be leaving London in the not-too-distant future, and having to take my child out of this nursery is in one of my top 3 regrets.

The staff are very professional and really cares about the children. My daughter has so much fun there, she doesn't want to go home in the evening.

The fact that the nursery is bilingual is a bonus as my partner is French and it is important for us that our daughter speaks French.

It's never easy handing over your baby at first and it is a true testament to the wonderful staff at Jardin Des Dyvrande, that our son settled in so quickly and  we started to feel so confident and comfortable with our choice. We received so much feedback and watched the team welcome our son with open arms and soothe him beautifully on those odd emotional days.

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My daughter loves going to nursery. The amazing ratio of children to carers means that the children are able to create really close bonds with their teachers and carers and I really notice the positive impact this has on my daughter. It has been so nice to see her build these close bonds with her teachers and carers and that the nursery puts emphasis on this.

I love this nursery. From the first day I came until now, I have always instinctively felt they cared for the children and provided a warm and loving environment that really is a home from home.

It a gem in the heart of queens crescent - a real precious find!

All the staff are warm and friendly, and genuinely enjoy spending time with the children playing and laughing. And when they’re not laughing with the children they’re laughing with each other: it’s a true family experience there!

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