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Food Menu


Fresh Food Supplied by Abel and Cole

Le Jardin des Dyvrande is teaming up with Abel and Cole, who will be supplying our kitchen weekly with fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients. We believe that only the best quality, sustainable food is good enough for our children. We also believe that producers should receive a fair price for their produce. For more information on Abel and Cole, please go to

Organic food delivery. Organic vegetable boxes, fruit, meat & more | Abel & Cole (


Sample Menu - Week 1

  • Monday - Vegetable Lasagne

  • Tuesday - Chicken Soup with Macaroni

  • Wednesday - Potato and Vegetable Gratin

  • Thursday - Fish Pie with Green Peas

  • Friday - Vegetable Bolognese

Sample Menu - Week 2

  • Monday - Beef and Vegetable Cottage Pie

  • Tuesday - Vegetable Soup with Lentils and Wholemeal Bread

  • Wednesday - Chicken and Veg in Coconut Cream with Buckwheat

  • Thursday - Vegetable Stew and Cous Cous

  • Friday - Fish Cakes with Green Peas

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