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image of a child listening to their language teacher at jardin des dyvrande


Each member of staff sticks to their own language so children know who to speak each language to.


Children develop at different paces and therefore may speak one language before another, progress equally in each language or excel in one language at a time. Either way children have the ability of learning many languages and pretty rapidly too!

At Le Jardin des Dyvrande we treat and view each child as an individual and also collectively, depending on the context. This means that we pay close attention to each child’s needs taking into account languages spoken at home, age and even whether they have siblings or not. From our observations we create activities and tasks for the children to participate in and we use these activities as opportunities to help progress them further cognitively, emotionally and physically.

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It is not a requirement for a child to have a French speaking parent to attend or even to expect great results. However, the more frequently a child is exposed to the language will have a direct positive impact on their understanding and their vocabulary.

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