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The Founder of Le Jardin des Dyvrande (LJD), Tsahi Calmel decided to name the nursery after someone close to her heart, her grandfather Monsieur Dyvrande. Monsieur Dyvrande was from Guadeloupe, a French speaking Island.

Tsahi, has first hand experience with her own daughter Anaiah who is also fluent in both French and English. Anaiah is also learning Mandarin and Latin at the moment and Tsahi firmly believes that her daughter's ease in learning languages has stemmed from being exposed to language from an early age. Tsahi holds a BA (hons) in Child and Youth Studies (Level 6), Foundation degree in Early Childhood Studies (Level 5), NVQ Level 3 and 2 in Children and Young People’s Workforce and has worked in many early years settings.

Our Logo, an eagle, has been named after Monsieur Dyvrande and has been developed into a soft toy eagle to represent characteristics children develop during their time at Le Jardin des Dyvrande.

An eagle is courageous, ‘king of the skies’ and also signifies strength, likewise children are encouraged to take risks, to learn courage and recognise that there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Le Jardin des Dyvrande (LJD) is a diverse bilingual nursery for babies from 6 months until 5 years. The children attending the nursery come from all over the world adding to the richness in the nursery culture.

LJD being bilingual provides children attending the setting with the possibility of acquiring a foundation in French and in English. This is done by allowing the children opportunity to hear both languages throughout the day in a non - forceful organic manner and more importantly through play.


Mission statement: The Spirit of LJD is to educate the children in a fashion that equips them holistically, that way when they blossom they will possess an exceptional future with a robust foundation.

The staff are caring and pride themselves in providing the children with individualistic care. The staff recognise that each child is different and may require some different care to another child.

Being a micro- nursery means that the staff can offer extra attentive care to the children. However, the children are taught from an early age to become independent learners and are always encouraged to attempt to problem solve situations.

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Manager and Founder of LJD Nursery

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